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Heidi Bartoo, MA
Clinic Manager

I am excited to be a part of MN Counseling and Couples Center.  After earning my Master of Arts degree from Washington State University, I taught as an Adjunct Professor in Communication, Human Development, Education, and Sociology.  Along with my teaching background, I have had many opportunities to learn about and become passionate about mental health.  Beyond my own publications in the field, I have worked directly with teams navigating co-occurring mental health and addiction challenges.  The more I experienced, the more passionate I became about being a part of the process that moves people toward healthier and happier lives.  

At MN Counseling and Couples Center, I support initial client contacts and registrations including the intake process, scheduling assessments and appointments, answering a lot of questions, and helping to navigate the insurance process.  My primary goal is to help you along the way to get the most from our excellent and compassionate care.
I most definitely look forward to meeting you soon and helping to make your experience at MN Counseling and Couples Center the most caring, considerate, and knowledgeable one you can find.  We are truly here to support you along your journey to wellness!
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