Sliding Fee-for-Service Rates for Individual, Family, Group and Couples Sessions

Couples/Marriage Counseling *                                                 $160.00/hour

Sex/Intimacy Counseling *                                                             $160.00/hour                     
90 minute Counseling Appointment                                        $240.00

On-line, Phone or In-Office Consultation                              $160.00/hour

Assessment Analysis/Report Writing                                      $160.00/hour
Intensive Counseling (2, 3, or 4 hour sessions)                   $160.00/hour - customized per client needs

Pre-Marital Counseling *                                                                 $160.00/hour
Discernment Counseling                                                                 $160.00/hour (2 hr sessions recommended)

Sex Addiction Counseling                                                               $160.00/hour

Initial Intake Session; 1st Session                                               $175.00/hour 

*We offer discount rates for Couples/Marriage Counseling, Sex/Intimacy Counseling, Pre-Marital Counseling and Relationship Coaching: $50.00 off with 5 prepaid/one hour sessions.  ($750.00 paid upfront for 5 sessions. )

* A Therapy hour consists of 50-55 minutes of in-session, face-to-face or virtual time with the therapist.

Insurance claims are processed at standard therapy rates that differ from the fee-for-service rates  
and are subject to adjustments based on the contracted rates set forth by specific insurance plans and policies.

Fee for service, out of network insurance claims, deductibles and co-pays are due at each session.

Many insurance plans do not cover Marriage/Couples Therapy, Premarital Counseling or Relationship Counseling. If the primary reason you are seeking counseling services is for communication issues, conflicts, affair repair, discernment, sex/intimacy, sexual addictions or other relationship issues; these concerns may not meet criteria for a mental health condition. In order for your insurance to pay for counseling services, you must be seeking treatment for a mental health issue(s) such as depression, anxiety, mood disorder, trauma, or others. We accept health savings or flex savings plans to cover the cost of therapy, and also offer discounts. Please check your plan for coverage details or contact our office with questions.

Payment Options

There are several options for payment for therapy services. If you are using your insurance please check your individual policy to be sure you know if you have any co-payment or deductible on your policy.  Out-of-pocket/private pay sessions, deductible payments, co-insurances, or co-payments are due at the time of the service. We accept cash payments, checks, debit cards, HSA's, flex savings accounts and major credit cards. 

Insurance Coverage

We are an in-network providers for the following insurance carriers:

  • Preferred One 
  • All Blue Cross Blue Shield Plans
  • Medicaid (Medical Assistance)​
  • Aetna ​​
  • Hennepin Health
  • U Care
  • Health Partners
  • Cigna

*We cannot submit claims for pre-licensed providers or couples counseling for some insurance providers. 

We also accept:

  • Private Pay/Out-of-Pocket Payments
  • Health or Flex Savings Accounts

It is the individual’s responsibility to determine what benefits and reimbursements are available through your insurance plan. 

 If you have specific questions about your bill,  account balance, claims or a recent statement please contact our main office at 763-400-7475 x1. We will be happy to assist you. 

Cash vs. Insurance: What clients need to understand

It is important to understand a few issues when choosing to use your insurance for mental health
services. When seeking psychotherapy services at any clinic, and submitting these services to your
insurance company, they will be forming a record of your status and treatment, just like a medical
record. That means that in order for insurance to cover this treatment, there must be an illness, or
disorder, that is diagnosed and reported to the insurance company, just like a medical issue diagnosed by a doctor, demonstrating a reason for the treatment. This information can then be requested by other insurance policies you apply for, and other entities if required by their policies. Many people do not have concerns about this or any complications, but it is important for you to be informed.

When paying cash for psychotherapy sessions, there is more confidentiality in the sense that insurance companies do not have access to your records. In addition, you are also able to seek counseling services without being required to have a mental health diagnosis.

KEY DIFFERENCE: Privately paid / cash therapy does not require an illness/diagnosis, and provides more confidentiality than sessions paid by insurance.

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MNCCC is open and accepting new clients.  We are still seeing clients in-office; however in light of the COVID-19 situation we also offer online video/tele-therapy sessions.  We have a HIPAA compliant tele-therapy platform in place and have been offering online therapy as part of our regular practice for over a year. We will help guide you through the process and assist you in getting set up for online sessions. 

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