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Intensive Counseling

Intensive Counseling (IC) is confidential, personalized and concentrated therapy. It is effective for individuals or for couples. It is one-on-one therapy in a private office setting, just you, or for you and your partner, along with your therapist. Intensives are designed to help individuals or couples receive concentrated treatment to gain resources and skills, heal, get a clearer direction, and/or make decisions right now! 

Sometimes traditional weekly or bi-weekly hour-long sessions are simply not the right format or intensity. Intensive Counseling equals 2-6 months of traditional weekly therapy, depending upon the program you chose. 

Clients seek intensive counseling for a variety of reasons. Many couples are experiencing significant distress or crisis in their marriage or relationship. Some are separated or have already started the divorce process. Another common reason couples come to us for help with their relationship problems is that they report that their communication has broken down and there are experiencing challenging conflict cycles the fray away at the relationship. If your marriage or relationship is in serious crisis, weekly one-hour sessions are simply not enough. Relationship crises are like serious medical injuries that require immediate and intensive intervention.  

Whether you are seeking individual intensive counseling or couples intensive counseling, it may be the right treatment for you now! 

Intensive Counseling is appropriate for Couples who are:
• Seeking help healing following the discovery of a betrayal such as a sexual or emotional affair
• Experiencing high conflict cycles that are pulling them apart
• Discerning the marriage or relationship (uncertainty about the commitment to stay together) and want to try to figure it out. 
• On the brink of divorce- seeking last chance counseling
• Struggling with a recent unexpected trauma or life change
• Unable to make weekly appointments due to distance, work demands or busy schedules
• Interested in working through relationship concerns quickly and efficiently 
• Feeling emotionally, intimately & sexually disconnected 
• Working through sex/intimacy concerns or crisis’s
• Lacking access to a skilled therapist in their area 

Intensive Counseling is appropriate for Individuals who are:
• Experiencing a life crisis and want immediate support and direction
• Struggling with an important decision/dilemma and want professional guidance
• Seeking skills for communication and conflict management
• Working through a current family conflict or family of origin concern
• Seeking dating or relationship coaching/guidance

Intensive Counseling consists of the following phases:
1. Assessment Phase
At MNCCC we believe that assessments are vitally important to gaining the necessary information to provide you with specialized and customized treatment. A thorough assessment assists the therapist in addressing the clients perspective on the fundamental issues that are being presented, in addition to other relevant collateral information. 

The assessment phase is an opportunity for the therapist to get a detailed understanding of you and your situation.  Your therapist will determine what types of assessments are needed for your specific situation.  All of our Intensive Plans include a one (1) hour phone or on-line interview session to get started.  Your therapist may recommend additional assessments prior to you meeting face to face, based on their clinical judgement of what is needed. 

Following the initial phone or online interview, your therapist will make a determination regarding the completion of additional assessments which may include additional phone interviews and/or customized written assessments that you will complete at home and send back to your therapist for review, prior to your face-to-face intensive counseling session.

Your therapist will then review, analyze and score your assessments in preparation for your arrival. The phone interview and customized assessments will enable your therapist to have an in-depth understanding of your situation and design an individualized treatment plan specifically suited to your needs.

2. Feedback/Goal Setting Phase
The feedback/goal setting will take place during the intensive counseling session. Once you meet your therapist face to face, your therapist will present you with your customized treatment plan based on the results of your assessments. This treatment plan will lay out the goals of treatment, as well as a structure and process for the intensive therapy; including therapeutic interventions to meet your goals. 

3. Customized Treatment Phase
This is the “work” of intensive therapy. The customized treatment phase will begin immediately following the presentation of the feedback and goal setting. Each client’s situation is unique and the treatment we provide will be specific to your needs and goals. 

Intensive Counseling Plans

Basic Intensive  Plan :
• Phone or On-line Interview(s) 
• Assessment Review and Treatment Planning
• 3 hours of Counseling (3 consecutive hours on the same day)

The Basic Intensive Plan is recommended for individuals or couples that want a jump start to therapy, or have an urgent or immediate need to get things started. It can also be appropriate for working through important timely decisions/ dilemmas with the assistance of a therapist. With some issues or concerns, ongoing counseling would be recommended following the basic intensive to continue to work on and meet your goals. 

Intermediate Intensive  Plan :
• Phone or On-Line Interview(s) 
• Assessment Review and Treatment Planning
• 6 hours of Counseling (6 hours of therapy on the same day, with a midway break)

The Intermediate Intensive Plan would be recommended for clients who want to gain additional resources, skills and tools to help them get back on track. With the Intermediate Intensive you should feel more stabilized, have greater understanding, insight and perspective, and feel prepared to continue the work on your own, or with additional ongoing counseling. 

Advanced Intensive  Plan :
• Phone or Online Interview(s)
• Assessment Review and Treatment Planning
• 12 hours of Counseling (6 hours of counseling with a midway break over 2 days; either consecutive or non-consecutive days) 

The Advanced Intensive Plan is recommended for clients who are really ready to dig in and to experience significant, intensive changes. The Advanced Intensive would be comparable to 4-6 months of weekly therapy. The expected outcomes of the Advance Intensive would be for greater emotional and physiological stabilization, acute understanding and awareness of the problem, understanding/utilization of useful tools and skills, emotional healing, helpful resources, and a clear direction for both short-term and long-term change. 

Please contact our office at 763-400-7475 for more information on our Intensive Counseling services. If you are considering IC and would like to speak to one of our therapist please contact our office for a free phone consultation. 

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