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The end of a marriage or relationship can be an extremely stressful event for everyone involved. Each partner may experience a wide range of emotions and intense feelings that are painful and difficult. If children are involved the stress level within a divorcing family can be even higher. 

In order to cope with the process of divorce or uncoupling, which can be mentally, physically, and financially demanding; some people choose to begin therapy. Divorce counseling can be beneficial as you work through the emotional process and navigate this often complex and uncertain change in your life.  

Divorce Counseling for Individuals:
People going through divorce may experience feelings of guilt, fear, anxiety, and depression. Many people perceive divorce as a personal failure. Working with a therapist you can:

  • Obtain an objective and rational perspective
  • Work through emotional difficulties 
  • Address living arrangements
  • Discuss moving forward, logistically and emotionally
  • Work through co-parenting concerns 
  • Discuss ways to talk to children about the divorce
  • Preparation for future relationships

Through divorce counseling you may be able to learn more about yourself and come to see the life transition as an opportunity for growth and personal development.

Divorce Counseling for Couples:
We provide divorce counseling to couples in the process of divorcing, or post divorce. This type of therapy may allow some couples to;

  • Discuss the dissolution of the marriage in a constructive fashion
  • Set guidelines to reduce hostility and emotional damage 
  • Begin working through closure 
  • Work through a co-parenting plan 
  • Devise a unified narrative about "why" the divorce“

Alternative Dispute Resolution, Divorce Mediation & Parenting Dispute Resolution:

If you disagree with your spouse, ex-spouse/partner or co-parent about something important, we can help you have the kind of conversation that will most likely leave you in a better place. Through a transformative approach to dispute resolution individuals feel empowered. The main objective is to get the parties involved in the dispute to come together to see if they can reach an agreement. If you and your spouse decide to proceed with divorce, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is one option to resolving any ongoing disputes regarding property division, child custody, child support or any other unresolved issues. ADR is not only for divorcing couples, it is also used to help families working through dispute resolutions. 

We do not participate in any of the more coercive approaches popular with divorce lawyers and judges such as Early Neutral Evaluation, Parenting Time Expediting and/or Parenting Consulting and Custody Evaluations. Rather through guided conversation we provide individuals and couples with:


  • support and encouragement in making decision that are right for each party
  • help in communicating what’s important to you
  • help in understanding where each party is coming from
  • a reprieve from lasting resentments that demonize the other person
  • a better feeling about yourself and ex-partner 

Following dispute resolution, settlements are often times obtained through mediation, but not as a primary goal. 

"The therapists at MN Counseling and Couples Center

are dedicated to assisting you and your family through the divorce process, as you move from coping and surviving,

to more satisfying and fulfilling lives."​

Divorce Recovery or Uncoupling