Many couples in troubled marriages wait too long to get help. By the time both spouses agree to counseling, the relationship has often been strained to the breaking point. 

Maybe you’ve considered couples therapy but your spouse or partner refuses to attend. Possibly you’ve thought about going alone but figure “what’s the point”? “This may be the #1 deterrent for couples who could benefit from marriage education and therapy.”

The Power of Solo Couples Therapy
Some spouses have found a way to work on their marriages even if their partners won’t go. They go alone! 

Marriages can benefit even if just one spouse seeks help.  

This is supported by a 5-year study of 300 long-term couples conducted at the University of Denver. The study found that a month after receiving relationship-skills training, those who received the training as individuals saw as much improvement in their relationships as those who got the training as a couple. 

We spend a lot of time in marriages trying to fix the other person. 
Couples therapy alone suggests that if one partner can learn to make adjustments, then the whole relationship dynamic can be changed for the better. 

Seeking couples counseling alone allows for 1:1 help to understand your feelings, concerns and needs and most importantly:  learn new relationship skills! In this way, the person learning launches a positive cycle of feeling and doing better; which raise the quality of interactions for overall positive change.

There are many reasons why someone who is struggling in their marriage or couple relationship may decide to seek therapy on their own. Some reasons may be: 

  • “My partner won’t come in for counseling”
  • “I want to work on my issues separately, before bringing in my spouse”
  • “I cannot get over my anger/resentment toward my partner”
  • “I don’t feel fulfilled in my relationship” 
  • “I am struggling with whether or not to stay in the relationship” 
  • “I had an affair and now I don’t know what to do”
  • “I cannot forgive my spouse for a betrayal” 
  • “I cannot seem to keep relationships”
  • “I gravitate toward partners who mistreat me”
  • “I am going through a divorce and don’t want to repeat the same patterns in the future”

Seeking couples counseling alone give you a one on one time to understand yourself within the context of your relationships. It allows time for reflection, understanding your feelings, and learning new insights and ways of interacting. It can be very valuable to sorting through dilemmas about your relationships and choices you want to make for the future.​

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