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Frank Thayer


I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist obtaining a Master’s Degree in the field of Marriage and Family Therapy from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota.  My experience includes working with individuals, teens, couples, and families as an in-home therapist, outpatient therapist, and a therapist for individuals needing services at a residential level. 

​My style is generally focused on the relational aspects of life; whether that is relationships within the family, the relationship with ourselves, partner/couple relationships, or the therapeutic relationships we build.

My current areas of clinical focus include blended families, teens and individuals/couples seeking help with emotional disconnect, understanding or working through family of origin hurts/losses/traumas, anxiety issues, depression issues, family or couple conflicts, parenting concerns, increasing functional communication and  increasing performance at work/relational/academic/sports. Therapeutically, the things I draw from to aid clients come from systemic theories, relational principles, relational ethics, experiences of others as well as my own. 

I have developed a passion for working with people and have immense respect for the transformative power of our relationships. My clients can expect me to be consistent, authentic, relationally focused, and honest with them. I believe that problems are inevitable in life and we all face challenges that create pain and can leave us feeling stuck and disconnected. I also believe it is through these experiences that we grow and acquire wisdom and maturity. I work diligently with my clients to understand who they are and where they want to take their lives, so therapy can be a tool to help them go where they want to take their lives.  
I see clients in-office at our Edina location in addition to conducting sessions via tele-health using a secure online virtual platform. Please contact me at:

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