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Feedback Informed Therapy

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Feedback Informed Therapy; FIT

What is FIT? Feedback Informed Therapy is a research and scientifically proven method for therapists to measure their effectiveness. 

It consists of two rating scales: the Outcome Rating Scale (ORS) and the Session Rating Scale (SRS)  

The ORS is given to clients at the beginning of the therapy session to gain feedback about the overall progress and prospective of therapy regarding the following areas:

  • Overall Wellbeing
  • Individual Wellbeing
  • Interpersonal Wellbeing
  • Social Wellbeing 

The SRS is given to clients at the end of the therapy session to seek feedback about the working relationship between the therapist and client. The SRS measures your satisfaction with:

  • Therapist/Client Relationship
  • Goals and Topics Covered 
  • Approach and Methods Used
  • Overall Satisfaction with Session

Fit-Outcomes is a web based outcome management system designed to support the use of the ORS and SRS. This allows us to use the data for ongoing quality assurance of our services and for ongoing treatment adjustments to ensure the maximum benefits of the treatment you are receiving. 


Do I have to participate in the FIT program?
No you do not. At your initial session, your therapist will invite you to participate and answer any questions you have. However, your participation is completely optional.

How much time will it take to complete the assessments and will this cut into the therapy time?
The time commitment is minimal. Each assessment consists of 4 questions. It takes less than a minute on average to complete each assessment. If you are concerned about taking time away from your session, please talk to your therapist about these concerns. 

Can I have a copy of the outcomes?
Yes, the FIT-Outcomes compiles and sends us a dashboard report of our progress with each client. Your therapist will be happy to go over this with you on a periodic basis. 

Why are you implementing FIT into your practice?
We are committed to providing the best care to our clients. FIT not only allows us to measure our effectiveness, it gives us feedback to help us manage ongoing care. Through the outcome data, we can decide if treatment is on course or if we need to take a new direction.  

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