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Secure Online Therapy

MN Counseling and Couples Center offers HIPAA compliant, remote based therapy, that is conducted via a secure internet connection. Online therapy, also known as “virtual therapy or “tele-therapy is therapy that is provided via a secure, end-to-end video streaming “virtual office” that you can access via your computer, or other electronic device, such as a mobile phone.

Online therapy provides flexibility and convenience to clients in receive counseling services with a licensed therapist. Online therapy may be beneficial for clients who have:

•    Difficulty scheduling around work or family obligations
•    Small children or other child-care issues
•    Transportation or accessibility barriers 
•    Limited access to specialized counseling services
•    Other barriers where attending an in-office appointment is difficult
•    Concerns due to COVID-19 or other medical issues preventing travel       

•    Simply a preference for receiving therapy in the convenience and privacy of one’s own personal environment

How Do I Pay for Online Therapy? 
Online therapy is available for those clients who are paying privately or using their health savings/benefits plan to cover the cost of therapy. Payment will be taken prior to your session. Online tele-therapy is also covered by insurance plans. We will conduct a verification of insurance benefits prior to your session.  Similar to in-office sessions, you will be responsible for any co-payments or deductible payments, at the time of service. If you have any questions about insurance coverage for online therapy, please contact your insurance provider’s customer service. 

How Does Online Therapy Work?
Online therapy works very similar to traditional in-office therapy. The initial sessions include assessing/understanding your concerns and setting goals for therapy. If you are using health insurance we will conduct a Diagnostic Assessment, to assess your diagnosis and assure that online therapy will be an appropriate means of service. The obvious difference with online therapy is you will not be in the office with your therapist. Therefore you are responsible for managing the space you are in while attending your virtual office counseling appointment. Shutting doors, turning off phones, and not allowing onlookers is strongly recommended. Virtual counseling sessions are for you only, and managing privacy on your end of the online connection is your responsibility.

Limitations to Online Counseling:
All therapists at MNCCC are trained to screen for disorders that may not be appropriate for this format. Your therapist reserves the right to terminate online therapy service if a clinical judgment is made that online therapy is not the most effective format for receiving therapy. In these situations, in-office therapy will be offered, or a referral to another agency may be made.

Additionally, the therapists an MNCCC are licensed to conduct therapy in Minnesota, and are not certified for out-of-state practice of licensed services. Therefore, online counseling may not be used for a client whose residence is outside of Minnesota. 

How do I get started with Online Therapy? 
Prior to the initial session, all intake forms including an Informed Consent and Agreement For Therapy form will be reviewed and signed, to be sure you are thoroughly informed of the nature of virtual therapy including; requirements, risks, benefits, limitations and confidentiality. 

When you call MNCCC to schedule your appointment, simply let us know you would like to schedule an online therapy appointment versus an in-office session. 

Joining the on-line video sessions:

Prior to your session, you will receive a link from your therapist to join their virtual platform. Most of our therapists use or the professional version of Zoom; which are full encrypted and secure. 

Please contact our office at 763-400-7475 x1 and we will gladly assist you in getting all set up for your online therapy appointment. 

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