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I joined The Dibble Institute, an outlet with the focus on Universities Relationship Education for youth, as an outreach educator.  The Dibble Institute is an organization committed to helping young people learn good relationship skills and retain them throughout their adult life. Researchers and theorists who have produced such programs as Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), IMAGO, Gottman Method, Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program (PREP), Prepare/Enrich, Beyond Affairs Network, FOCCUS, Love Thinks, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, etc. contributed to this curriculum. They have studied the impact marital breakdown has upon formerly married couples, their children and on society as a whole; and sought to develop therapies to help strengthen and revive marriages that have withered. Ironically, many of the aforementioned researchers and theorists have gone through their own divorces and, as I have, dedicated their life’s work to deflecting divorce away from maritally distressed couples. My role at The Dibble Institute was filtering the marriage saving education curriculum for middle and high school use.

I have training in the Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program from the University of Denver, Prepare/Enrich of University of Minnesota, FOCCUS of Creighton University, Dialectical Behavior Therapy of the University of Washington and Discernment Counseling from The Dougherty Institute. After becoming certified to use many of these therapies I used them in pre-marital preparatory sessions, troubled couples counseling, and seminars for married couples. I have also used this same material in corporate settings presenting ‘Winning the Workplace Challenge’ to managers and leaders, a program I am also certified to train. I am a counselor on the Crisis Text Line to help persons manage crisis’s and find hope in their seemingly overwhelming situation. I am a member of Peacemaker Ministries and Braver Angels, both organizations exist to create opportunities for people to speak and understand their various differences.      

I have worked with couples in out-patient community settings, churches, and crisis intervention centers. I have experience working with individuals and couple who have had affairs, family of origin trauma such as incest or abuse, PTSD, ‘irreconcilable’ differences, betrayals, and financial collapse. I helped many of these couples to find their love and promise again.  With advanced training in Discernment Counseling, I help couples determine if their marriage should be dissolved or rekindled.  With Solution Focused and Dialectical Behavior Therapy I can help couples with briefer therapy sessions.  

By meeting and publishing with the academics of today’s most innovative therapies, I have gleaned the best elements of their material. Using these evidence-based solutions and materials for the past 15 years I am committed to helping the clients I work with enjoy and have flourishing relationships. 

I see clients at the Maple Grove location either in-office or virtually .

I can be reached at Tim@MN-CCC.com

Tim Herzog


Previous to joining MN Counseling and Couples Center, I had been an information technologist for decades, earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History from the University of Minnesota. As a midlife career change, followed by my own family change of divorce, I garnered a Master of Arts Degree from Adler Graduate School in Psychology, with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy. Devastated by my own experience, I changed my life focus to determine what happened and learn how to help other couples avoid the pain that my family experienced. 

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