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Sex Therapy
Sex Therapy is a specialty area of counseling to address concerns about sexual functioning, individual sexuality and marital/couple sex and intimacy.  Our therapists are credentialing with the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselor and Therapists (AASECT); distinguishing counselors that have met stringent requirement of training and experience. 

Sex therapy can be beneficial for adults of any age, gender or sexual orientation who want help working through sexual concerns or problems. For some people talking about sex and intimacy concerns can feel uncomfortable. We understand these reservations and are sensitive in our approach. We value a non-judgmental stance, one of acceptance and caring; to ease uncertainties and help you feel comfortable talking about your sexual and intimacy concerns. 
Through sex therapy, you’ll learn to better understand your own sexuality; as well as that of your spouse or partner, learn to express yourself more clearly through your individual “sexual voice”, glean valuable sexuality education and work through your issues/concerns.

What To Expect
We begin with an assessment of your sexual and relationship history. Sexual issues can be linked to other underlying issues such as relationship conflicts, stress, anxiety, addictions or depression. In some cases chronic illnesses, medication side effects or other medical issues affects sexual function.  We want to understand all the dynamics that may be influencing your situation: mental, emotional and physical. The assessment will help your therapist gain a clearer understanding of the problem and the expectations for change. We work collaboratively with your medical provider if needed, to provide comprehensive treatment. 
Weekly sessions are usually recommended for sex therapy, at least initially. Couple’s attending sex therapy will be seen together and individually: as recommended by the therapist to facilitate progress. A typical course of sex therapy is 10-25 sessions. As an adjunct to therapy, the therapist may prescribe homework and other assignments such as reading materials and “sexual skill” exercises to try at home. Sex therapy is “talk therapy” and never involves nudity or physical contact. For couples, booster sessions at 6 months and even 1 year following the conclusion of therapy are often recommended to foster long-term progress. 
Sex therapy can help you:
Understand, validate and accept your sexual self
Heal sexual shame
Heal painful sexual experiences
Find your sexual voice
Improve your sexual functioning and satisfaction
Sex therapy can help couples:
Enhance intimacy and closeness
Improve sexual functioning and satisfaction
Heal sexual betrayals
Encourage open sexual communication
Increase understanding of sexual self and partner   
Develop couple sexual style
Explore couple sexual attitudes, needs and desires
Issues Addressed
Female Sexual Issues:
·      Vaginismus (Vaginal Muscle Spasms during intercourse)
·      Hypoactive Sexual Desire (low libido)
·      Dyspareunia (painful intercourse)
·      Anorgasmia (inability or difficulty achieving orgasm)
·      Sex after menopause (or other stage of life changes)
Male Sexual Issues:
·      Erectile Dysfunction (inability or achieve or sustain an erection)
·      Premature Ejaculation (ejaculation sooner than desired)
·      Delayed Ejaculation (difficulty or unable to ejaculate or achieve orgasm)
·      Inhibited Sexual Desire (low libido)
Couple Sexual Issues:
·      Desire Discrepancies (differences in sex drive)
·      Orgasmic Issues (difficulty achieving orgasm during couple sex)
·      No or Low Sex Marriages (helping couples rekindle sex)
·      Extra-marital Affairs (healing and rebuilding sexually)
·      STD’s and Sex (sexually transmitted disease)
·      Sex & Aging  (understanding changes and expectations)
·      Sex & Illness (cancer, disability or other medical illnesses/concerns)
·      Sex & Infertility (addressing emotional and sexual concerns)
·      Arousal Discrepancies (differences in what turns partners on sexually) 
·      Couple Sexual Enrichment (enhancing excitement and passion)
·      Sex/Intimacy Fears (shame, body image, inexperience)
·      Swinging Recovery (healing and rebuilding monogamous marriage)
Parenting Issues around Sex:
·      Sex Education (talking to your children about sex)
·      Sexual Identity (concerns about the sexual orientation of your child)
·      Teens and Porn (discovering your teen is viewing porn) 
Other Sexual Concerns:
·      Variant Arousal and Behavior (concerns around arousal)
·      Sexual Fetishism (sexual attraction to non-sexual objects)
·      Sexuality & Body Image (shame or insecurity)
·      Sexual Orientation (gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender)
·      Sexual Assault Recovery (past or recent)
·      Sexual Abuse Recovery (Past or Recent)
·      Sex Addictions (Compulsive Sexual Behavior-CSB)
·      Pornographic Dependency: (extreme or excessive usage of porn)
·      Cyber-Sex  (chat rooms, dating sites, nude photos)  
·      Transvestite (cross-dressing)